A wedding is a celebration of love between two people so the event definitely has to stand out as an amazing party. When the bride is planning the wedding there are certain important elements that will form the foundation of the entire ceremony and transform it into an unforgettable day for everyone involved. Planning such an extensive ceremony will be very demanding for the bride and quite stressful as well. There are many things to plan for and if one thing goes wrong, it can throw off your whole plan if you do not have a backup. Here are some of the crucial elements of what matters most to a bride.

The Wedding Rings

The rings symbolize the marriage between two people as they are visual representations of the unity between two people in love as husband and wife. There are different factors that play in when choosing your wedding rings like the diamond arrangement, the type of metal, and the type of stone used. It is important to pick a good quality ring that is still timeless and beautiful.

Wedding Location

When deciding where to get married, you need to think about whether you will marry in a church or in at another venue. If you will get married in a church, you need to both decide and come to an agreement on the specific church you will marry in. You can also use the same ceremony location as the reception location and vice versa. One great way to reduce your budget is to use one location for the marriage ceremony and the reception. Before choosing the venue, you need to consider the season on which the wedding date will fall. Will your venue provide warmth if it is cold or relief from the heat? The number of guests will also determine the venue you pick.

The Guest List

You should always start preparing your guest list as soon as you possible but ideally after you have established your budget, rented out a reception venue, and booked the site for the ceremony. This will tell you how much money you need to put into the locations and thus determine how many guests can attend both the ceremony and reception.

The Invitations

You can have Save the Date invitations as a friendly and polite reminder for guests to keep that date open. The wedding invitation is the formal invitation to the event and it follows the ‘Save the Date’ invitation. It is advisable to order invitations at least one month before the wedding planning so you can properly review the details and change them for reprinting if the need arises. Once you are sure they have all the right details, ensure you send them out 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date to give future guests some time to RSVP before the deadline and even make plans to travel.

The Wedding Party

This typically includes the bride and groom’s immediate family and close friends. The bridesmaids will help the bride with anything she needs on or before the big day. The maid of honor or matron of honor helps to organize the bridal shower and the bride’s bachelorette party. The best man is the head of the groomsmen and his primary responsibility is to take care of the rings throughout the ceremony, planning the bachelor party, and taking charge of any operating and organizing functions requested by the groom.

Attire, Dresses, and Tuxedos

The bride should feel and look comfortable on the big day and the wedding dress plays a big part in this. She should be able to get the wedding dress that she has always dreamt of from childhood and the perfect shoes to go with it. It is ideal for the bride to pick her own wedding attire as she will be spending the entire day in them and she needs to feel comfortable and in love with the whole outfit.

The groom should also wear a look that he likes, fits well, and is comfortable. It is important for the colors of the vest or tie worn by the groom and his groomsmen to incorporate those of the bridesmaids for some cohesiveness in the color scheme. You can hire a stylist for the big day to make sure your hair, make up, and attire for the big day is on-point.

Décor and Entertainment

Decorating the venue for your ceremony and reception can be very special and enjoyable as it gives the couple a chance to assimilate their favorite styles, ideas, and colors into the ceremony. The décor will be unique and personalized to your taste as a couple. You can also add personal details and touches of your own to the wedding to make it truly unique.

The entertainment also helps to make the wedding more lively and enjoyable to the guests more so during the reception. This can be in the form of a DJ who plays music so the guests are encouraged to dance and have a good time. You can also add some live elements to the DJ with our DJ Fusion (Musicians who play along with the DJ) or La Hora Loca entertainment.

Catering, Drinks and the Cake

The event catering will depend on the type of season during which your wedding falls. You will take this into consideration when hiring place settings, chairs, tables, tents and even a dance floor for your wedding. The food will depend on the guest list and the budget. More guests will mean a higher catering bill not to mention the type of food served as well.

When it comes to drinks it is important to have non-alcoholic options if you will be serving alcohol. You can hire a bartender to handle the drinks especially when things get messy. As for the cake, you can have any shape, size or flavor you want but you should make sure you order well in advance so you do not have any problems on the day of the wedding.


Make sure you hire a photographer or videographer to capture the special moments of your big day for remembrance. Make sure he or she has a good portfolio of their previous work and it will be an added bonus if they have worked exclusively at weddings before. This way you will be getting the very best wedding photos and videos that you can treasure for life.

Even though you will be planning one of the most important and happiest days of your life, you should make sure you enjoy yourself on the special day instead of stressing out. Sure, not everything may go according to plan but just go with the flow as these things usually work themselves out somehow.

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