From I Dos to Dancefloor: How to Curate a Memorable Wedding Playlist

Planning a South Florida wedding takes more than finding the best diamond rings, dresses, and venues. You also have to think about your wedding playlist because it’s what will set the mood from ‘I Do’ to the dance floor. But while this step can feel overwhelming due to everything else you need to prepare, there are a few tips you can use to curate the perfect playlist that encapsulates the feeling and energy of your big day. Let’s get started!

Start With Your Favorite Love Songs 

We all have that song that makes us believe in happy endings—so start with that. Collect your all-time favorite love songs that make you think of your soon-to-be wife or husband. Whether they’re the ones that played on your first date or those that you dedicated to them, it will be most special to choose a song that means a lot to you.

Brainstorm With Your Fiancé 

Besides your personal music choices, include your fiancé‘s music taste when creating your wedding playlist. Even if they don’t have any music preferences, asking about their favorite songs is still the best thing to do. Remember that your big day revolves around the two of you. You’re going to walk the road together as soon as you tie the knot. That said, asking for their input in this important decision is crucial.

What you want to do is ask about the song that reminds you of one another or one that represents your love for each other. If it happens that you have the same song in mind, use it for your first dance as a married couple to make it even more special.

Ask Guests for Song Suggestions 

If you run out of music ideas, it would help to ask your guests for their input. Since they’re part of the celebration, especially at the reception, we should also think about them. Including your diverse audience in your wedding playlist creation can help maintain a festive environment without offending anyone. 

The easiest way to do this is by leaving a request space on your wedding RSVP cards like this song request card. But if done online, mentioning it in your emails is already okay.

Host a Playlist-Making Event

If you have time and budget, you can add a wedding playlist-making party to your itinerary. Your friends might have great music tastes to make your big day more fun and groovy. You can drink champagne, bond with your friends, and have some fun throwing out song ideas.

But if you’re saving up, the best way to do it is by making the playlist creation a game for your bachelor and bachelorette parties. They can create a remix of three to five tracks, and whoever makes the best one wins. You may then use that with their permission or collect the best songs from the game.

Consider Your Itinerary 

It’s also important to pay attention to your itinerary when curating a wedding playlist. Know how long the ceremony will last, what happens next, and other details. That way, you can ensure that all songs in your wedding playlist get a spot in the actual event.

Sketch out the timeline of events first, then choose suitable music for each. You may also create separate playlists for when you’re in the ceremony, reception, and dancefloor for easy organization. 

However, of course, you must start with the critical moments like walking down the aisle and your first dance. From there, shape the rest of your playlist. Pick mother and son dance songs, music for the cocktail hour, and beats for the dancefloor.

Use Music Apps 

Instead of writing down the songs you want to include in your wedding, you can just make a playlist using music apps, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, and iHeart Radio. These streaming platforms feature a lot of songs that you may not hear of yet but can change your lives forever. If you’re already subscribing to one, just use that to save more for your honeymoon.

Seek Help From Vision DJs

If you don’t have time to make your wedding playlist, it would be best to hire a wedding DJ. They will help you curate the songs that will make your big day even more special. Check the cost guide to wedding DJs to see if it fits your budget.

Balance Different Music Genres 

After you’ve done everything mentioned above, you may be overwhelmed with a long list of songs. Hence, you must organize them in a way that will match the roller coaster of emotions on your wedding day. For instance, in the reception, insert one slow song every three to five upbeat songs. That way, you can ensure that everyone stays happy dancing and partying more than crying. 


Any wedding will not be complete without music. It sets the tone for every part of your wedding—from the ceremony to the reception and the dance floor. Above all, it makes you feel things even better. By following our tips, you can create a wedding playlist that will make your big day even more special and memorable.

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