Wedding Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Wedding trends are very tricky because what may seem to be popular at the moment can change within weeks or months. More couples have shifted away from the conventional wedding and are looking into unique weddings suiting their personalities as a couple. In 2020, you should expect to see changes in wedding trends ranging from lighting to furniture, makeup and hair.

Simple Hair and Makeup

Wedding industry experts have noted that more brides are going for a natural look in terms of makeup and hair, more so after the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She looked positively breathtaking and yet her makeup and hair were very simple. In 2020, brides should keep in mind that makeup is only meant to enhance and not transform your look completely. Bridal makeup will be simple, light and less dramatic while allowing yourself to be you and also comfortable. Brides will be aiming to bring out their natural beauty instead.

Creative Wedding Dress

In 2020, we will see more wedding dresses with pockets (which are long overdue) allowing the bride to combine utility and beauty. Pockets will be great for the bride to keep some personal belongings instead of trying to track down the maid of honor or one of her bridesmaids for her purse or some lipstick. The shapes of wedding dresses will also exhibit refined simplicity with tasteful bridal trouser suits even making appearances in grey, sage green, powder pink, blush pink, or dusty blue shades of “Scandinavian whites”.

More Shades and Colors

A few years back there were only a handful of colors to pick from for wedding themes but in 2020, you will have several combinations and color variations to choose from. The top color schemes for 2020 will be mellow yellow, cantaloupe, cassis, purist blue, and neo-mint. You can sublimate all these colors with touches of silver or gold for a fashionable look. There will also be more natural, bohemian, vintage, or rustic chic weddings.

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Wedding Experiences

Many brides are looking into trends relating to experiences as opposed to wedding trends relating more to the décor. Even though the guests probably will not remember your wedding décor details, they will definitely remember the experience they had. Experiences would include things such as Productions style Light Shows and Lasers, Indoor Fireworks, Confetti showers, La Hora Loca, fire dancers, or a surprise performance or even involving the guests themselves in things like photo booths. These are the most Wedding Trends to Watch Out for in 2020.


Another trend that top wedding planners have noticed is the movement of ceremonies towards naturalism. More brides want greenery at their weddings and to be surrounded by forestry and nature while indoors. There is a strong emphasis on the creation of a natural look and feel overall with the use of overhanging greenery from the roof. Flowers at weddings will basically be replaced by foliage. There will be more eco-friendly weddings come 2020 with ideas such as locally bought vegetables and fruits and recycled stationery for place cards and invites. There are even paper options containing seeds so that flowers can grow in their place after the wedding.

Different Kinds of Furniture at One Ceremony

Brides are becoming quite flexible with their wedding themes and this includes the use of different kinds of furniture at their wedding ceremonies to produce a unique space personalized to the couple’s style. When going for this approach, it can be easy for things to look messy so you can avoid this by making sure the furniture pieces match in the color scheme even if the tones or styles are different. This helps to give the pieces some uniformity even if the styles are different. You can even do this for your table settings by having a different setting for each guest.

Simple Wedding Décor

More couples are also looking for simplicity in terms of flowers and décor. We are talking of minimalistic flowers in singular vases on clean tables which only have whatever is needed while taking advantage of open spaces. In 2020, you will see more weddings with less clutter on the table so the guests can focus on the ceremony itself and the people around them. This means those huge centerpieces are out and simple table décor is in.

All of the Lights

Since all the focus will be directed away from the minor details, the overall wedding atmosphere will take center stage so lighting will play a key role in most weddings. Some couples may overlook the importance of lighting and the kind of effect it can have on the ceremony. Edison bulbs and naked bulbs are some unique elements that will be incorporated in 2020 weddings. The type of lighting used in the ceremony can completely change the atmosphere and mood of a specific area. A ceiling, for example, draped with naked bulbs and fairy lights will be far more cost effective and striking in comparison to one covered with flowers. Splurging on your lighting is a sure fire investment for the special day.

Gin Bars

Not really a trend as they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Gin is an all-time fan-favorite so your wedding guests might really appreciate a good gin bar at your wedding ceremony. You can create a gin station for the guests allowing them to pick their favorite garnishes, mixers, and signature cocktail combinations.

Culinary Creativity

When speaking of wedding experiences, another way of creating such is to do something interesting with the food through feasts. A feast will provide a better and more engaging experience for the wedding guests as opposed to the traditional pre-determined menu. 2020 will no longer have weddings with set menus and three courses served to the guests at their tables. More people are looking at buffet-style dining for their wedding ceremonies with harvest tables and banquets so the guests can make their selections from various dishes. Another unconventional wedding trend is the inclusion of ice cream trucks, food trucks, coffee stations, smoothie bars or juice bars and the likes so that guests have alternatives to pick from. You will also find more wedding caterers preparing creative cuisines such as scallops in curry, cheese bars, wasabi popcorn, and chocolate bars.

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