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La Hora Loca

Grab your glow tubes, props, and masks – it’s time for La Hora Loca or the Crazy Hour!

If you’ve never experienced it, you’ve missed the most brain-blisteringly insane hour of partying you’ll ever witness!

High energy music, lights, plus our LED Robots, LED Percussionists, Samba Dancers, Stilt Walkers, Sparklers and lots of Confetti will make it a night to remember!

Where did La Hora Loca begin?

It depends who you ask. According to the Miami Herald, it’s based on a New Year celebration in Spain (not the Brazilian Carnival, to which it’s commonly compared). But the spark of a celebration caught fire in the fuel of a Venezuelan couple’s heart.

Here are a few of our most popular options

LED Robots on stilts/no stilts
LED Percussionist
Samba Dancers
Carnaval Stilt walkers
Confetti Cannons
Sparkler Cannons
CO2 Cannons
and more…
Want to learn more?

Here’s a “sample” of a Hora Loca playlist

You are not limited to these songs and there are many more to choose from.