Now that we’re well into the 21st century, it’s only natural that old and outdated wedding traditions are being broken. As lovely as it can be to replicate the wedding our parents had, many elements of a traditional wedding are no longer suitable for today’s society. Here’s a look at some of the more traditional aspects that it’s okay to break in your own South Florida wedding.

Not Seeing the Groom Before the Big Day

Beach WalkWe’ve always been told that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before they get married. But considering it’s now more the norm for a couple to live together before they wed, many South Florida wedding couples will struggle to abide by this rule at their wedding.

It’s also becoming quite popular for the bride and groom to have the bulk of their wedding photos taken prior to the ceremony. After all, the bride’s hair and makeup is as fresh as it’s ever going to be, which makes it the perfect time for a photo. Additionally, it’s nice to break the tradition of the bride and groom running off to take photos immediately after the ceremony – if this part is already over, you’re free to celebrate with your loved ones.

Wedding Cake

Here’s a tradition you should feel good about breaking; a boring wedding cake. Long gone are the days where it was tradition to have an average-tasting tiered cake at your wedding. Feel free to choose something you’ll actually enjoy. And for a quirky touch, why not consider individual cupcakes? Your guests will love them, and it’s also a simple way to cater for those with dietary restrictions.

Wedding Rings

Another trend that is growing rapidly is the elimination of wedding rings. If you or your partner work in a hands-on environment, you may not wear rings at all, so you shouldn’t feel pressured into spending money on a ring that is purely for tradition’s sake. These days, many people are opting for alternative jewelery, such as a chain or even for a tattoo on their finger to signify their love.

Formal Shoes

Women – if you don’t wear heels in your regular life, then why wear heels on your wedding day? Many women assume that they’ll wear heels on their big day, but with a long dress, dancing and a long night ahead of you, the thought of wearing heels for that amount of time can be tiring. There are plenty of suitable options for shoes to wear at your Miami wedding – so don’t feel like you have to choose high heels just because it’s your wedding day and that’s the done thing.

Wedding Music

Another tradition you should definitely break is using the same music that is typical of a wedding. There is no song that you absolutely have to play as you walk down the aisle – if Mendelssohn’s Wedding March means nothing to you, then don’t play it. Walking down the aisle will be one of the happiest moments of your life – so play a song that will remind you of that feeling.

An experienced wedding DJ is a must-have to ensure that your special day is kept as personal as possible. And if you’re looking for a DJ in Miami, Vision DJs can offer you both experience and an interactive music list builder that will help you create a playlist full of the songs that you love – not the ones that tradition says you should play.

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