If you’re in the process of planning your South Florida wedding, you’ll be well aware of how much planning actually goes into it. But there’s one element that you’ll thank yourself later for spending the time on now – the photography. By taking the time to properly plan your photographs, poses and defining exactly what you want to achieve, you’ll ensure that you have beautiful, unique and personal memories from your special day.

Have Some Fun With It

Your wedding day should showcase the union of two personalities and it’s important that the photographs reflect this. Simplicity can be a beautiful thing, and it’s certainly nice to have some shots taken of you, your partner to be and your wedding party. But don’t be shy to experiment with different effects, poses and creative ideas once you’ve got all the standard poses out of the way. Remember the wedding shoot featuring a T-Rex that went viral? To some it may have seemed cheesy – but to all those involved, it was a unique way to capture the couple’s fun personalities. Dinosaurs might not be your thing but have a think about what it is that brought you and your partner together and try to incorporate this somehow into your Miami wedding photo shoot.

Vision Photo BoothsInvolve your Guests

Though this is your day, it will be the people who attended that will make the memories for you – so include them! A great way to do this is by leaving cameras on each table and allowing your guests to make their own memories. Ask your wedding party about borrowing their compact digital cameras to make sure you have enough to go around. You may also want to include a Photo Booth.

It’s a simple idea, but you and your partner will love going through the photos later. It’s a busy day for you both and this is a great way to catch up on all of the memories made from everyone else’s point of view.

Recreate Precious Moments

If you and your partner are rather family-oriented, a beautiful and creative way to combine old memories with new ones can be to recreate past generations wedding photographs. Have a look through the wedding albums of your parents – or even your grandparents – and find some wedding poses that really showed off their love. Then, have fun recreating these photographs with you and your partner. As well as producing lasting memories, it’s a fun way to involve your loved ones into your special day.

Remembering Your MannersThank You

Something to be mindful of during the planning process is what happens after the big day. Many people will have traveled to your wedding in Miami, or made special arrangements to ensure their attendance, so it’s important to show your gratitude with a thank you note afterwards.

A simple but meaningful way to do so is by taking a few extra minutes to take some photographs with you and your partner posing with “Thank you” signs. Your guests don’t need to witness these photos being taken, and it will prove to be a nice little surprise when they receive your thank you note.

With a little bit of extra planning, your wedding day can be made much more special and meaningful. So while you take time to organise your photography plan, let us help with the rest. Vision DJs can provide experienced wedding DJs in Miami to make sure your day is full of music, lights and atmosphere – so you have plenty more time to enjoy this moment.

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T-Rex Photo Credit  Quinn Miller Photo + Design

Photo Booth Image Vision Photo Booths

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