Your wedding reception in Miami is probably what your guests are looking forward to most. Though it’s lovely for your friends and family to come to South Florida and witness your wedding, everyone knows there’s a big party ahead with food, drinks and dancing. And for this reason, your wedding DJ is going to play an important role in your big day – so it’s important to choose wisely. Here are some tips for choosing a DJ for your Miami wedding.

Jessica celebrating with friends

Practice Makes Perfect

When choosing your wedding DJ in Miami, it’s also important to consider how much experience they have. Everyone needs to start somewhere – but your wedding day is not the time to be giving the inexperienced a platform to perform. When you interview your DJ, find out about their past experience and how long they’ve been performing. Furthermore, find out what kind of experience they’ve had in the past. They may have been DJing for five years already – but if they’ve only worked house parties, that’s not going to be very helpful when it comes to your wedding reception. Make a list of questions before your meeting with the DJ and find out everything you need to know about them. You can even ask about seeing videos of previous weddings they’ve worked at to get an idea of their style. Ultimately, the more experienced the DJ, the better.

Don’t Focus on Price

On that note, if you’re seeking a more experienced DJ, then you should be prepared to pay for it. As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’ – and DJs are no exception. Your musical entertainment for the night is not an area to skimp on and you should be wary of DJs that offer their services for too low a price. Keep in mind that hiring a DJ is generally going to cost less than a band, and that they will be keeping your guests entertained for the night – so it’s okay to splurge a bit.

Don’t Forget the Little ThingsJessica Hora Loca

As well as playing quality tunes, you may choose to have your DJ make announcements during the night. For example, you may ask them to announce you and your partner as your enter the dance floor to have your first dance as a married couple. In that case, it’s important to make sure your DJ is aware of the correct pronunciations of your names before they repeat them. Giving your DJ a who’s who of the wedding will also help to avoid potential confusion and ensure the night runs smoothly.

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