Your wedding music is so much more than just a song for your first dance. From the first song played as your guest arrive to your ceremony, to the last dance of the night, here is your complete guide of start to finish wedding music.

Ceremony Music

A&J Say I DoThe wedding ceremony features three main musical components: the prelude, the processional and the recessional.

The prelude music is usually light and airy, and begins about a half hour before the ceremony is due to start, getting the guests warmed up for the occasion as they find their seats. Decide whether you would like pre-recorded songs or live performances for your ceremony, and if you do choose to hire musicians, make sure the music is appropriate for your ceremony space – you want to fill the air with music, but not dominate so as people cannot hear themselves think!

For the processional, people go from everything to classical instrumentals as the bride makes her way down the aisle, to a favorite contemporary song. Do what suits your tastes and your wedding’s style – you are no longer expected to conform to “Here Comes the Bride” at today’s weddings.

For the recessional, when the newlyweds depart the ceremony, the tone is usually upbeat and happy; a celebration of the new marriage and a great way to get everybody in the mood for the party to come!

Vision DJs can provide your personalized Ceremony Music as well as Microphones for the Officiant.

Reception Music

You will need to choose a lot of different songs for different parts of the reception. As well as the traditional first dance, you will need music for the bride and groom’s entrance, the cutting of the cake, any traditions like the garter or bouquet toss being undertaken, and any other miscellaneous applicable times, like cocktail hour or the father-daughter dance.slide2

Whether you choose to have a South Florida Wedding DJ or a band, it is important to meet with them and discuss ideas to make sure they are not only possible, but executed with perfect timing and flow on the night. When choosing a wedding DJ it is really advisable to pick carefully and select a company who can help you pull off your event without a hitch and offer you advice if you need any help selecting songs for special moments in the wedding. A good DJ will have enough experience to offer you a wealth of information of potential songs to use, and cliches you may want to avoid.

A playlist for the dance at the wedding can also prove very important. It is desirable to have a great mix of modern floorfillers, classics that are universally loved, and some romantic songs for slow dancing – giving you something for everyone present, which will keep your guests all happy. You want your music to flow and for the dancefloor to stay busy. This is another reason to make sure you hire a great DJ, who can assist you in creating a perfect playlist to suit your tastes and entertain your guests. Using our Exclusive Online Interactive Music Portal you will be able to create a “Must Play”, Play if Possible” and very importantly, your “DO NOT PLAY” list.

The last dance is extremely important, as this is the lasting impression that everyone will leave with. Though it may be tempting to select a song that is personal to you, remember your guests and the impression you want to leave with. Feel free to go for a classic anthem, a sweet popular love song, or some humor – as long as you make it one to remember, you will be sure to have guests talking about your wonderful wedding for a long time after!

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