Not Your Momma's Cocktail/Dinner PlaylistGuest Post by our very own, DJ Stephen Peters
Started working at Vision DJs in 2005

We all have our guilty pleasures in music. Whether it listening to some solid rock songs from our teen years or the way Biggie and Outkast were able to captivate our minds with their original lyrics and catchy flow. When it comes to the music selected for cocktails or dinner, like every other aspect of your South Florida wedding, we want a part of you to be represented. We want it to be appropriate & low key, somewhat upbeat, but also – believe or not – a little kitschy. Kitschy  is a word that describes something that is typically in poor taste, but is appreciated to those that know it.

For the discerning bride, Kenny G’s Greatest Hits and all the Rat Pack style songs are something that she rather leave as a memory of her 15’s/Sweet 16’s or at the friend’s wedding she went to last year. She wants something fresh and modern, but still has some nostalgia. She wants to show some good taste music and the ability to not settle with the classics of Gypsy Kings or perhaps a loungy house set that reminds her of her clubbing days (i.e. Hed Kandi, Café del Sol and Buddha Bar – I still love these, so I’m not bashing them in any way!). As an answer to this dilemma, I present to you The Coffee House and/or Acoustic Genre playlist.

Sorry, we’re holding the latte back on this one. But, if you’re a fan of visiting coffee houses or have tuned into Sirius XM’s Channel 31, you might not have to read further. Either way, please continue I will inform you on something new, or reaffirm your great taste in music! The beauty of this genre is that it sparks a memory in all of us. A lot of the songs played on it are original, but there’s a plethora of covers that make it special – some of them by the original artist! Another thing about this genre that is so great is that it really showcases the talent of the artist. Not many artists can make you fall in love with a song without the myriad of filters and effects that are used in recording music. Likewise, there some songs, that get reworked by multiple artists from varying genres and are still hits. Unfortunately, we can’t simply play our favorite jams without looking/feeling out of place. That’s where this kitschy thing come into play. It can help you play your jams when and where you want them!

Every wedding gets a taste of my personality. That’s why it’s so important for DJs & MCs to be on the same page as the couple getting married. I value my work and my goal is to make sure your day is amazing. It’s not just about it being your wedding, but also about it being an experience you and your guests will not forget. To make this happen means I do my homework. Sure we have extra lights and equipment, and I’m known to bring in some extra touches you didn’t expect because I know how good it will make your wedding, but that’s only stuff money buys at the store. It’s the passion for being a good DJ that forces me to look for music and research tracks that will have you, your family, and your friends loving the day just as much as you love looking into your love’s eyes every day. Below are some tracks I have personally selected that showcase some of my favorite songs and artists in this kitschy genre that will make everyone ask “where did you get that song” or “wow, this brings back memories”.

See you at your wedding!

DJ Stephen Peters

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