It is an honor to be chosen as best man for a South Florida wedding, but the best man speech can feel like a lot of pressure, and a huge job to undertake! Many best men stress over what they are going to say and how it will be received, and spend an inordinate amount of time tweaking their speeches to perfection.

However, it does not have to be that stressful. Weddings are a time to laugh, relax, and gather loved ones together to celebrate the union of the bride and groom. Therefore, the best man is not expected to provide a masterful essay, but just expected to deliver a happy, upbeat and funny speech to entertain the guests and provide a few laughs. So, if you are a best man preparing his speech, relax! There are some easily followed top tips that will make your speech writing and delivery much more pleasant.


Holding an entire room’s attention for a long time is not an easy feat, especially if people are letting loose and having a few drinks. Therefore, try to keep the speech short and sweet, and to the point. Yes, you may have known the groom for 15 years, but each of these fond memories does not need to be covered in detail. Plan ahead the main points you want to make, and try and fit these into about 1000 words, which will deliver an approximately 7 minute speech.

Know Your Audience

Make sure you know a bit about both the bride and grooms’ families and what they may or may not appreciate hearing, and then make sure your humor is appropriate for who you are speaking to and has the correct limitations. There is nothing worse than a crude joke that is met with stony silence. On the same token, steer clear of topics that could cause anybody to feel offended, such as mentioning any exes of the bride or groom’s.

Friendly Banter

You should for sure take some friendly digs at your newly wed buddy, as these are sure to cue some great laughs. Make sure to include a particularly funny anecdote or story about the groom that you remember fondly, but try not to include too many “inside jokes” which will ostracize a large percentage of your audience. Also make an effort to keep the digs light and don’t let your speech stumble into derogatory territory. Do this by balancing your stories out with congratulatory statements to the happy couple. Remember to include the bride in your speech and give her some compliments… she is getting married too and wants to be recognized!

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If you are not used to public speaking, practice reading your speech out loud. It will make it seem less daunting, and make you more comfortable and familiar with the content. This, in turn, will lead to a more relaxed and confident performance on the night. Speak clearly and loudly, but don’t shout. Try to frequently look up and engage the audience with eye contact, make sure you pause for laughter, and, finally, enjoy yourself and your moment in the spotlight. Read it to a disinterested party for an honest opinion.

One final Tip, Always ask the guest to stand and raise their glass in honor of the Bride & Groom and with lots of enthusiasm, say CHEERS!

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