Beach CeremonyAn invitation to a beach wedding in sunny South Florida can only mean a beautiful special occasion, but if you are planning a wedding on Miami’s shores, you may realize that your guests may not be too sure what to wear for such an event – stilettos and cocktail dresses may not be practical, and tuxedos and cummerbunds may prove incredibly hot and bothersome! However, just because your wedding is on the beach in Miami does not mean you cannot ask guests to conform to a dress code that suits the style of your event. For your beach wedding, you have a number of different reasonable dress code options to choose from, ranging from pretty formal, to as casual as you like.

Beach Formal

If you ask your guests to abide by a beach formal dress code, this implies semi formal dresses and summer suits. Ideal for the elegant beach wedding, this type of dress code ticks all the boxes of keeping the occasion smart and formal, but allowing guests to be comfortable on the beach in what they are wearing. Think of this dress code as the beach version of black tie, that will create an atmosphere of a sophisticated South Florida soiree for sure. It’s perfect for a wedding that wants to combine a beach ceremony with a more glitzy hotel or country club reception.

Beach Smart-Casual

This dress code is a perfect balance of everybody looking smart, but feeling cool, relaxed and comfortable. Smart-casual for a beach occasion suggests clothing in the arena of slacks and polo shirts for the men, sundresses for the women. This is traditionally adopted by people who want a dressy beach wedding with that more traditionally relaxed South Florida wedding feel to it – but everybody still looks good and dressed up for the pictures!

Casual Beach AttireBeach Festive

Embrace the true nature of the beach life, and get swept away with some Florida fun by choosing a festive dress code. Jimmy Buffet-style island shirts and khaki shorts are the name of this game, and guests will enjoy the fun feel of a dress code that is perfectly complemented by a Miami beach backdrop. This dress code works for a free-spirited wedding full of relaxed fun… think acoustic guitars and a barefoot bride saying vows as the sun begins to dip below the horizon, followed by a reception filled with strong drinks and Vision DJs spinning floorfillers all night long. It is definitely a choice that people with more casual tastes will make, and enjoy to the maximum.

Beach Bum

Cover-ups, board shorts, flip flops… you name it! For a super casual wedding, this is the sort of attire that is best served up alongside a beach BBQ reception and cold beers, followed by a splash in the ocean. This type of free-for-all dress code may not suit a lot of people, but for the bride who wants to don a white bikini under a bridal sundress, this may well be a great choice. Only for the most relaxed weddings, this can prove to be a lot of fun for those who are totally laid back and chilled about their wedding style.

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