First KissOn your wedding day, the altar is not an altar, the reception is not just a reception and your first dance is more than a happy swaying back and forth of feet or the wild call for a group dance. On your wedding day, the altar is a stage, designed for the words you have waited to say your entire life to finally be uttered.

The reception is the gathering after a beautiful show, raves of how gorgeous everything was- the flowers, the opening music, the groom, and not to mention, the bride, stunning!

Simply put, we know what your wedding really is and what it has the potential to be, and we only want that for you. When given the opportunity to create the perfect scene at your wedding, we cover all the bases.

When creating your dream wedding, we will offer:


On one of the best days of your life, you want the atmosphere to be just right for you. From the altar to the dance floor, we’ll make it all feel like a dream, with beautiful designer lighting spelling out the names of both of the happy newlyweds, or pointing out those smaller but flattering wedding details like flowers, or the very precise designs of your wedding venue.


Let us provide the soundtrack to your special day. The songs that ignites passion in your hearts and happy tears in the eyes of your loved ones will play the moment you say ‘I do’ and the kiss that begins a new lifetime happens. We’ll provide the music after the start of your new lifetime, too. Once you, your family, and friends move towards that illuminated dance floor, your DJ will provide your choice of upbeat tunes. Also, your DJ will find the perfect song to book end a magnificent dream wedding, for the bride to have her father-daughter dance. We’ll provide the song that creates the joyful feel you gave your father when you were a young girl, and now that you’re a bride.

Wedding Advice

A wedding is not the time for taking chances or a time to guess. Vision DJs feels you should have every moment covered on your wedding day so that you can smoothly fall into the dream day of your life, not into a nightmare. We offer a stream of ideas to perfect this day. We will help you plan your wedding reception, up to a month before your wedding is even set to happen! We will assist you on some of the best wedding traditions (the garter, throwing the bouquet, stomping on glass). Lastly, we even provide an exclusive online interactive wedding planner for the smooth sailing of the ultimate wedding. At Vision DJs, we’re thinking of you.

A wedding is the moment of a lifetime. This is the moment that you cannot afford to go wrong. This is your moment.

Let us debut it.

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