When planning your South Florida Wedding, one of the most overlooked details is the look or set up of the DJ. You spend countless amount of hours working with your florist to ensure your flowers are perfect. You will have several meeting with your Wedding Planner to ensure every favor is perfectly set on your table and how about the Chaivari Chairs to tie it all together. Yes they are uncomfortable but they look great! Not to mention your sleepless nights making sure you have not forgotten any details.

Bad DJ Set Up

The day you have been dreaming of and planning for so long arrives, you get introduced in to the ballroom and it hits you like a ton of brick when you see the DJ set up. You forgot to ask the DJ what his set up will look like? And we are hopping is does not look nothing like this… Or worse yet, a big sign with the DJs name on it.

Several years ago we were one of the first South Florida DJ companies to introduce the Facade to the wedding market. You may have heard it called by other names like the “DJ Front Board”, “DJ Booth” or “DJ Light Board”. Since the beginning we have called ours the “Facade” (fa·cade noun \fə-ˈsäd\).

Since those early days we have introduced a few more Facades to our lineup. The first image is our original Illuminated Facade followed by our White trimmed Illuminated Facade our Designer Plush Facade and for those of you creating a Loungey South Beach look and our newest Facade is the White trimmed Designer Illuminated Facade.

Black Trim Illuminated Facade  White Trim Illuminated Facade  Designer Plush Facade  White Trim Designer Facade

All Facades can be lit to match your uplighting or a color of your choice.

The Facade has become one of  our most requested enhancements chosen by our Brides & Grooms. For more information on our DJ Facades or any of our other Lighting and Design options, please feel free to contact us at 305-260-4480 or 954-434-9697.

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