There is no doubt that planning your South Florida Wedding is stressful and at some point it may not even be fun, but once you get over that hurdle and are ready to ensure your wedding reception is fun and unforgettable, check out our 5 ideas for a fun wedding.

1. Put some EXTRA thought into your Seating Arrangements. Seat people that know each other or you know will get along together. When people get along, they talk, they tell jokes, they begin to feel comfortable and before you know it they are all having a great time. You may want to consider seating the older guests away from the DJ or Speakers; they may be more sensitive to the sound level than your younger guests.

2. Think about providing a Babysitter, especially if you are inviting guests with small children. Seat the all children together with an experienced sitter and provide them with a variety of games and activities. You might even consider placing a game console in the rear of the room, to keep the kids from getting bored. This will not only help the madness of kids running all around the dance floor, but it will allow their parents to have a great time knowing that they are being looked after.

Team Groom3. Minimize the placement of cigar rollers or other such attractions in other rooms. Keep everyone all together: one big happy family. Placing the bar and the photo booth in the same room where you and your guests will be celebrating is a must. Where there is drinking, there is socializing which leads to a busy dance floor and creative pictures in the photo booth! Ask about our South Florida Photo Booth services.

4. Vision DJs has made this step easy. Plan a Playlist that will please your guests not just yourselves. Consider all of your guests when selecting music, different styles of music create more of a celebration. Remember to let the DJ read the crowd and get them onto the dance floor. If you wish, allow guests to request music and for those songs you DON’T want to hear~ use the Do Not Play list. Contact us to learn more about our interactive music list builder.

5. Set an Example! Go out there and dance, mingle, have fun! Ask your Bridal Party beforehand to help you get everyone on the dance floor – everyone knows that if the bridal party is not on the dance floor, no one is. Your guests will be more likely to join you when they see how much fun you are having.  Let them see you grab some props, and strike some poses in the photo booth.

For more ideas, tips and music suggestions for your South Florida Wedding, please contact one of our Wedding Specialist here or call 305-260-4480 | 954-434-9697

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