Each year, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings in the U.S., and more than $70 billion is spent on them. I don’t know about you, but no two weddings that I’ve been to have been the same.

This, friends, is the glory of wedding planning.  It’s your day and it’s unique to YOU!

We’ve compiled a few fun wedding traditions (some more ‘traditional’ than others!) for your reading and idea-gathering pleasure.

“Man-Gagement” Rings

We kid you not, ladies!  Enough of you bold souls are providing your soon-to-be groom with a little left hand bling to make this a new tradition (or trend, if you will).   Some are popping the question, while others are just getting their man used to wearing a ring in advance of the big day.  Practice makes perfect?

Have a Friend or Family Member Officiate

This is a fun and personal tradition that many are doing these days.  Do you have an ambitious friend or family member that wants to get ordained?  Have them officiate your wedding!  It will make for an amazingly memorable ceremony (especially if he/she is a crier!)

Speed Up Your First Dance

More and more couples today are abandoning the traditional love ballad (sorry, Journey!) for their first dance and are instead embracing fun, fast songs that lend themselves well to a choreographed boogie.  Think:  PSY’s Gangnam Style.  (We’re not judging.)

This next one isn’t a common tradition, that’s for sure, but it’s certainly fun and different and we simply couldn’t resist!

In Denmark, there is a traditional wedding custom of cutting off the top of the groom’s right sock during dinner.  The idea is that no other women will be attracted to a man wearing a sock with holes.  As whacky as it is, they kind of have a point, ladies.  Just think about it!

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