Summer has come and gone with the end Labor Day Weekend and If you’re planning to get married this fall, you might want to get some inspiration from the wedding trends of the season.  What food should you serve? What types of beautiful gowns might a bride wear? What are the latest trends in wedding entertainment? Here’s a quick overview.


One lovely trend is to make guests feel at home by offering them comfort foods, anything from cronuts (part-croissant, part-donuts) to mac ‘n cheese.  To make these foods more fit for a wedding, you can put a gourmet spin on them, such as combining the mac ‘n cheese with lobster; at the same time, it’s popular to request that the foods be made with locally grown ingredients, so as to add to the overall wholesome feeling.  It’s also popular to have wedding celebration meals where guests can walk around and sample smaller portions from different food stations, rather than sitting down at one table, at a fixed seat.

Bridal Fashion

For bridal gowns, illusion necklines are popular; this is where the shoulders, throat, and part of the chest are visible but covered in delicate, transparent material.  According to, blush-colored or faintly pinkish wedding dresses also make for a trendy alternative to the traditional white dress.  And, in keeping with the increased modesty of illusion necklines, another popular gown feature is the use of delicate sleeves, sometimes long, other times capped.


Personalization is popular; for instance, instead of calling on a standard song for an opening dance (such as “At Last” or “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”) couples will often choose something more quirky and personal to them like a Mashup of some of their favorite songs.

Another fun option is to use the Internet to broadcast your wedding.  For example, if you have good friends or relatives who can’t make it to your wedding, you might give them the chance to look in on the fun online by live-streaming your wedding (you can choose to do this with restricted access, so as not to broadcast your wedding to the entire Internet); another option is to have highlights tweeted. #Jessica&John

Whatever you ultimately decide on for your wedding, be sure to enlist the services of professionals who will give you a celebration to remember, with great songs and dance and happy, lifelong memories.  Regardless of whether you go for some of the trends or not, your wedding will be timeless.

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