If you’re going to be getting married in 2014, then most likely you’ll want to start planning it now. But it just wouldn’t make any sense to begin making the arrangements before deciding on a color design for your wedding. So what are the most fashionable and sought-after colors? Well, without a doubt, weddings in 2014 will be very colorful! Keep reading and you’ll find out the best color wedding trends.

Vision DJs Blue Uplighting

Blue Uplighting at the Coral Gables Country Club

Once again, the “color of trust” might be the predominant color for weddings. Over the years blue has become popular in hues of peacock, teal and turquoise. Next year, expect richer blues such as navy, cobalt, royal and midnight blue. These blues could also be in beautiful color combinations with white, gold, silver, purple, raspberry, fuchsia or red—all perfect for a winter wedding. The uniting of royal blue and white should be a big hit and the options are unlimited! For example, surround the dance floor with dazzling blue lighting and glowing candles to help create that romantic winter wonderland.

In 2014, look for a lovely pairing of magenta or deep purple with light pink which creates what’s called an elegant blush. Ice blue combined with grey, jade green or silver could also be in demand. All these color combos would look breathtaking in not only the wedding dress and groom’s suit, but will add that special something to the bouquets and table centerpieces for a winter or spring wedding.

There is a rising interest in nature and outside weddings and because of this green is also another famous color. The classic range of greens like pale chartreuse and avocado will still be favored but the color of mint shot up in popularity this year and is slated to be just as well-liked next year. What great colors for a spring or summer wedding!

Another great summer wedding color is yellow—bold, bright yellow. In fact, interspersed with bright pink it’s said to become a popular duo. If you’re not one for a bright yellow wedding dress, consider using the color scheme in your flowers; bright yellow flowers with bright pops of pink will definitely add the color you desire. For that dress and tux though, maybe you’ll like the grey and light pink combination that will also be popular next year.

Also taking the lead are the rustic colors of warm yellow, cool red and burnt orange. Yellows have been considered only as accent colors in the past several years; but, like orange, it’s quickly becoming more prominent. Mixing red and yellow or yellow and orange will look stunning together in a dress. Put all the colors in the bouquets, along with a splash of green, and you’ll definitely have the look for a fall wedding.

Grey can sit next to a wide variety of clashing colors very well and is the key of diverse design. It matches really well with either cool or warm color combinations and it’s appropriate for unique patterns which are also going to be more notable at weddings in the year to come.

2014 weddings are promising to be the most saturated and brightest you’ll see by far. Deep, rich colors won’t just be the highlight rather they’ll also be contrasted with other striking shades. Weddings in 2014 will enhance unforeseen patterns and textures as well as intense hues.

Now that you’ve picked out your color scheme for your wedding, you’ll need to start in on those other arrangements…such as hiring your DJ & Lighting services! Please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you discover the right music and lighting for your special day!

Photo: Cabrera Photography
Location: Coral Gables Country Club

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