As Valentines approaches, there is no doubt many South Florida Couples will change their Facebook status to “Engaged”, there are some guidelines you should follow to enjoy your new status.

Vision DJs EngagementAn engagement is a promise to wed. During the period of engagement, a couple is said to be engaged or affianced. The engagement period runs from the time of the wedding proposal to the actual wedding day. This period may be lengthy or short depending on the plan of the couples.Engagements may be a little tricky. Not all of them end in marriages. This period requires caution and careful study of one another. To come through this period successfully, one needs a little guidance on what to expect during this period. Below is a step by step guidance on the important issues about engagements.

Proposal This is the first step in an engagement. A proposal gives the opportunity for the couple, on mutual consent, to start planning for their wedding. A perfect proposal requires a little research on the side of the man. For instance, he has to decide where to pop the question, how to seamlessly bring it out as well as when to pop the “will you marry me?” A perfect proposal sweeps ladies off their feet. Ladies are obsessed with the proposal stories of their friends. You quickly realize that people will want a story, your engagement story. For this reason, the man has to pull a perfect proposal plan that will be interesting to narrate over and over again.Gentlemen, remember to get on your knees when asking that heart stopping question. It shows full submission and humility.

The Ring This is the symbol of a successful proposal. If you managed to slide the ring on her finger, then she said “YES”. That must have been the best moment you lived as a couple to be. One thing that has to be noted here is that the engagement ring should be affordable. You should not go out of your way to spend extravagantly on the ring yet the success of the engagement depends on you, the partners.

Spend Quality Time Together During the engagement period, the couple ought to spend as much time with each other as possible. This enables you to know the kind of person you will live with for the rest of your lives. You must also introduce each other to your respective families. Since you are planning to move into a new family, it will be of high importance for each one of you to be accepted into your fiancee’s family. Remember that each one of you must also be approved by your partner’s friends. So be nice to his/her friends and family and get their approval. You will need this in the wedding planning as well as in your future stay. If your families approve of the engagement, the last great huddle is your South Florida wedding.

Love BannerWedding This is the icing on the cake. A successful engagement ends up in a colourful wedding. This stage will test the tolerance of the couple and their ability to compromise their stands for the sake of their partners interest. This is because there is bound to be a difference in opinion on several matters ranging from theme color, service providers and venues. After this is the “happily ever after” stage.

Enjoy your engagement. Remember, an engagement is what you make it.

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