There is not a South Florida Wedding today that you attend that will not have some sort of lighting as part of the Decor. Lighting has become just as important as selecting the Bridesmaids dresses, Brides want to make sure their venue is ”dressed for the occasion” and ensure that everything looks amazing!

Every year technology and new lighting choices keep getting better and better. Our vision has always been to keep moving forward and providing the best Music & Lighting services to our South Florida Wedding couples.

Below you will find some of our couples favorites lighting.

Miami Wedding LightingVision DJs LED Pin Spot Lighting WebLet’s begin with your Cake & Flowers. You have taken great pride in selecting the perfect cake and centerpieces that reflect your wedding theme and you want them to stand out and be noticed. Highlight your arrangements and cake in a dark or dimly lit ballroom with our LED Pinspot Lighting. Our lighting gives just enough sparkle to make them romantically noticeable. Notice the difference in the images on the left.

The centerpiece on the left is how it would look with just the room lighting. What a subtle yet dramatic difference with our LED Pinspot lighting on the right.

Picture your guests walking into your Ballroom and having all your centerpieces and wedding cake romantically highlighted? Contact us for more information.

The next up and coming trend at South Florida Weddings is our “Scene Setting Lighting”. Creating a fun, unique and memorable wedding reception can be very similar to creating a blockbuster movie. The lighting has to be perfect! The days of having just one color uplighting at your wedding is changing and couples are electing to set scenes for different parts of the wedding reception. Choose a bold color as guest enter the ballroom. During dinner let’s make it a soft and romantic amber. When the party kicks into gear let mix it up as the colors change to the music! Contact us for more information.

Probably one of the most Romantic scenes at your Wedding is your First Dance. You can make it even more dramatic and unique with our “First Dance Cloud Experience”. Imagine sharing your First Dance on a Cloud. Learn more.

Personalize your wedding with our Custom Monograms. Choose your names or a classic design like your initials.

Miami Wedding Lighting






One last thing to consider, you’ve invested lots of time and money into your Miami Wedding Reception, make sure your DJ is dressed for the occasion. We are not talking about his personal attire, we are talking about his DJ set up. Having DJ equipment sitting on a table with cables coming out of everywhere is not an appealing look. Ask about our DJ Facades (Booths). We offer several styles for you to choose from.

White Illuminated Facade

Designer Illuminated Facade






For more information on any of our lighting options, please contact us at 305-260-4480 | 954-434-9697 or Click here to request more information,

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