Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars

In honor of tonight’s premiere of Dancing with the Stars we found it appropriate to share some ideas with you about incorporating Ballroom Dancing into your wedding.

If you’re getting married and you are worried about embarrassing your soon to be spouse during your first dance, you should consider taking dance classes. Don’t let your two left feet get in your way of making your wedding day the most memorable day of your life. Ballroom dancing of some sort is usually the choice of the first dance at a wedding; the steps are not complicated to learn, and doesn’t take long to learn either. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to be swept across the dance floor in the arms of a man who knows how to move to the music; or that man who leads his woman step by step, knowing she trusts him. Most dance styles are built on a common foundation. In ballroom dancing, learning a few simple patterns will have you dancing like a professional in no time, or, just in time for your wedding!

As you learn ballroom dancing, step by step, your appearance and posture will improve. The two of you will be out in the spotlight moving with grace and confidence. During the first dance, your onlookers will be staring at you in awe. Signing up for ballroom dancing lessons is a great way bring you and your fiance closer, meet new friends, reduce stress, and exercise, all while building your confidence to go out onto the dance floor and sweep your partner from his/her feet. Have fun dancing The Waltz, the sophisticated Foxtrot, the sensual Samba and Rumba, and/or the Merengue.

Whatever you choose, Vision DJs specialize in finding the right music for your wedding, and can provide you with the perfect music to accompany your first dance, as well as your whole reception. Contact us for more information.

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