There are many exciting options among the 2015 Summer Wedding Trends that can be incorporated into any wedding budget. Whether you’re planning a small and casual wedding or a lavish formal event, it will be made currently stylish with any of these touches. 

Copper tones are everywhere! Copper is making a surprisingly bold, yet elegant, decorating statement. It’s so popular that some event planners provide the option to rent copper chairs. It doesn’t take the place of the traditional gold and silver accessories; it simply adds some visual ‘pop’ to these traditional options.

Color schemes are dramatically understated with the palest of colors. With an ultra-soft palette in mind, keep the muted pastel shades very close together. The splash will come from the accessories. Anticipate adding shimmery highlights to the wedding decor and gowns.2015 Summer Wedding Trends

Glitter is the big surprise in 2015 Summer Wedding Trends. It’s used in headpieces, in bridesmaids’ gowns and even on the belts, bows and shoes. The glitter effect turns the soft color choices into something that’s simply magical! If you’re really daring, have your wedding attendants go all-in with glittery body gel.

Flowers are following along with the soft color trend. The brightest color to aim for is a bright pastel. Consider pale hydrangea, peonies and sweet peas with plenty of white mixed in. Baby’s breath is both modern and traditional as it’s used liberally to soften the metallic tones of the vases.

2015 Summer Wedding TrendsSummer 2015 wedding gowns are off-the-shoulder. This look is elegant, sophisticated and versatile enough to be stunningly appropriate for any wedding venue. The lines are crisp and classic, framing the bride on her dream wedding day. The detachable train is a must! It allows for the sweeping train at the start of the occasion and disappears for dancing and mingling with guests. It’s like having 2 distinctly different gowns in one!

Ceremonies are more optional than ever before, as more couples are electing to skip the formalities and concentrate on the celebration aspect of the wedding day. This can mean a quiet ceremony in a judge’s chambers or City Hall, or a small, intimate ceremony for exchanging the vows before the reception that includes everyone. There have been several celebrities taking this path this year.

Receptions for Summer 2015 range from cocktail-style events where a variety of food is readily available for the duration to rustic, catered dinners. Both styles mean plenty of comfort foods. Couples are now taking the time to sample the foods prior to making final decisions for the event menus. Food trucks are also exploding onto the wedding scene for Summer 2015. They can offer up a variety of favorites to satisfy every taste during the reception; they can also deliver wedding cupcakes as departing favors.

2015 Summer Wedding TrendsProfessional DJs services are indispensable for the new entrance trend for receptions. Choreographed entrances as the Emcee introduces the bridal couple, the bridal party and the parents sets the mood for a fun and memorable event. It’s just one of the 2015 Summer Wedding Trends that’s sure to help the bridal couple make their special day their own.

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